The Power of Colour

Colour evokes such emotion it is almost another language. We all feel something when we see a wall painted blue or yellow, when we put on our little black dress or when we don the red lipstick. All this got me thinking about what colour to use on my blog. I was excited about accessing all the options to change the background, pictures and headings. But what colour would I use?

Carl Jung said, ‘Colours are the mother tongue of the sub-conscious’. Maybe we are not taking colour seriously enough. Even in Ancient Egypt crystals were used to create colourful temples which were used to treat physical and mental conditions. Colour psychologists agree that colour has energy and evokes primitive instincts.

Orange is an interesting colour. I instantly associate it with EasyJey (proof that colour really does evoke emotions and are invaluable in marketing), but according to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, it is the colour of the sacral chakra and thus used to stimulate the senses and unleashing positive emotions. It is believed that the energy this colour releases helps to harmonise the mind, body and soul. On the physical side, it is believed that the vibrating energy from the colour orange works on a deeper level. It helps boost the lymphatic flow and may even encourage the body to eject toxins. Thinking about it this way, has made me realise why there is nothing like an African sunset. The orange is bold, rich and gives me a sense of complete harmony.

What has interested me the most while reading about the effects of colour, has been the colour purple and its different shades. Lavender, for example has been used for centuries as a healing agent, to reduce stress and treat anxiety and other mental conditions. It would thus make sense to decorate the room of a stressed, workaholic in tones of lavender.

Purple is said to vibrate at a higher level than most other colours. The vibrational energy healer Michelle Roques-O’Neil says that purple ‘has the ability to transcend thoughts and emotions from the present moment and can help us connect with our own higher purpose. It’s a bridging colour that synchronises our physical being with something more spiritual. ‘ As it appeals to our subconscious and deep instinct purple thus plays a role in feminine seduction. Mmmm!

So, what colour am I going to use for my blog? I suppose I am more confused than ever, but orange and purple have really ‘struck a cord’ with me. In my life and in my job, I do so want to encompass what these two colour could add – positivity, harmony, living a spiritual life that is toxin and stress free and most importantly connecting with my higher purpose.

Dawn Denton©

One Comment on “The Power of Colour”

  1. Desiree Naude says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Some branches of yoga beleive that if you have a preferred colour, this colour will symbolise a stage in your life. Purple – if I remember correctly – is the colour of spiritual connection. I personally am in a green stage – which symbolises healing. Let me know if the purple theory makes sense?

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