The Moment to Shine

The Frome High StreetThe moment the Olympic Torch was to shine in Frome had arrived, and even though I was struck down with pneumonia, nothing was going to keep me from seeing, experiencing and being a part of this amazing event.

The streets were lined with young and old, sporty or not. The buzz was enhanced with the bunting drizzled across every alley way and along the high street. Flags, hats, t-shirts… everyone was getting into the spirit of the Torch’s arrival and ultimately the Olympic Games.

The Torch has had a 4 day journey already, starting in Greece, and then arriving in the UK to kick off its journey in Land’s End in Cornwall.

And 8,000 seems to be the magic number with our Torch – there are 8,000 circles on the Torch to represent the 8,000 Torchbearers and 8,000 miles of the UK will be covered. This very posh Torch of 800mm in length, made with a special aluminium alloy (developed for the aerospace and automotive industry), was tested in a BMW climatic testing facility and on the top of Snowdonia, but is still managed to go out at least once that I know of (which is pretty funny)!

Omega unveils official London 2012 Countdown ClockThis is a similar situation to the Olympic countdown clock in Trafalgar Square. Within 24 hours of it being officially unveiled to mark the 500th day before the start of the Olympic Games, it dramatically stopped! And considering it is an Omega made by the Swiss Swatch Group….funny!

So much detail has gone into the design of this Torch. The Torch itself has 3 sides, which is inspired by a series of ‘threes’ which are important to the London Olympic Games:

  2. The THREE aspects of the Olympic motto: FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER
  3. The THREE times the city of London has hosted the Games – 1908, 1948 and 2012
  4. The THREE components of the vision of the London Games – SPORT, EDUCATION and CULTURE
  5. The THREE messages the Torchbearer hope to spread when transferring the Flame from one Torch to another: PEACE, UNITY and FRIENDSHIP

(The proud moment the Torchbearer runs along the Frome High Street: )

After its long journey across the United Kingdom, passing through over a 1,000 communities and within no more than 10 miles of 95% of the population, the Torch will have encouraged millions to come out and celebrate. It will arrive in London for the Opening Ceremony on Friday 27th July and so far the best kept secret in the country is who and how the Flame will be lit in the stadium….and there is much excited speculation!

For the duration of the Games the Flame will be a symbol of all that makes this event so special – bringing together the best of the best, from across the globe in love and friendship.

Dawn Denton©

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