Is London Ready for the Olympic Games?

Well, that depends on the definition of ready…

If ready means perfection, then no, London is not ready for the Olympic Games.  This is a city that people live and work in, and it will never be perfect for the Games or any other event.

But, if we think of the definition of being ready, to embrace the Olympic spirit, then YES, London is ready!  The support the Olympic Torch got across the country (even from those who voiced their concerns and negativity about hosting the Games), and in the Republic of Ireland, in the rain, wind and super early mornings, we have shown how we as a nation have embraced the spirit of the  Games, and we are ready.

For every major event, from weddings to tournaments, there will naturally be a last minute rush.  Games Makers (volunteers) have been in the Olympic Village for the last week making beds, hanging portraits and generally sprucing things up, and this too is a reflection of what the Games are really all about – support, unity and striving for excellence.

What a privilege to be in a country that can host such an event – we are welcoming the world to our home, and giving them an environment where they can shine.

London Olympic GamesWe forget that the Games are really not about us – they are about the ATHLETES. Without them, there would not be an Olympic Games.  They have not just prepared for this event for the last 4 years. For them it has been a lifetime of preparation – the hunger developed when they watched their role models performing on the sports field, on the track, in the pool when they were children.  And that hunger has led them compete, train, sacrifice and strive to want to be the very best they can be, and for some, to be the very best on the planet!  These athletes have spent a lifetime ensuring they peak at that very second they need to in order to win, receive a medal, stand on a podium or even just to represent their country, and be proud to fly their flag. They want to be here, in this remarkable country when they reach the height of their achievement, and their reason d’etre. Surely, giving them this opportunity is a privilege?

Few can fully understand what it means to exist, live and breathe only to be at the Olympic Games… how can we be so selfish to make these Games about us?

Yes, we will be inconvenienced in London for the lead up to and for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but war is inconvenience, civil unrest is inconvenience, your own government shooting at you is inconvenience.  This is NOT an inconvenience! This is about friendship, equality, peace, courage, respect, reconciliation and determination.

London 2012 is going to showcase the best of the best, and we in this country can only be proud of what we are about to witness, and share in the celebration of success, achievement and participation.

We are here, we are alive … and we in London and across the country are ready….. ready to be inspired!

Dawn Denton©


One Comment on “Is London Ready for the Olympic Games?”

  1. Andre Smit says:

    Nice Dawn .Very well put .I would love to have the Olympics in SA .

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