Olympic Inspiration

There are South Africans who are admired around the world. Walking back from the Team Welcoming Ceremony the other day a man from the Multi-Faith Centre walked with me. He spoke about how he loved visiting South Africa and that he believes with time, the beautiful flower of our nation will open, but it always takes a while for the bud to fully develop. I added the inspiration Nelson Mandela has been and that he is a true example of what forgiveness is and can do. As we bid farewell he added, "Thank you (South Africa) for inspiring the world!". I was so touch and more than ever I felt the pride of who I am and where I come from well up inside of me.

Yesterday was to be a day that will live with me forever, as I got to meet another inspirational South African figure…

I was not to start until 3pm, but got a call early morning to be available to drive the officials to north London to see Mr Sam Ramsamy carry the Olympic Torch in Barnet. I personally didn’t think I would see him…I am just the help 😉

We struggled through the Leytonstone traffic and jumped a few light – we had left late, and needs must! I managed to get them there just as the police were closing off the road, gave them a map of where Mr Ramsamy would be carrying the Torch and parked in a drive way and later in the golf club.

I got a call to pick them up and drove up the road where the officials and a few athletes were waiting with Mr Ramsamy. A family came past and instantly recognised him and posed for some photos with the great man. I took a quite photo on my phone, and then thought, “What an opportunity! I am going to ask for a proper photo”. I got my camera out and on approaching Mr Ramsamy surrounded by kids, I pointed at my camera, looked at him, and he nodded and beckoned me forward. He moved us out of the sun, but said we should pose with the red letter box in the back ground as there is talk of them not being there for ever.

With Mr Sam Ramsamy after he ran with the Olympic Torch in Barnet

He asked if I was driving Team SA, I introduced myself and he said, "I will then see you again during the Games Dawn."

I thanked him for carrying the Torch for us (South Africa).

Sam Ramsamy played such an important role in the Struggle while in exile. He has been influential in sport in South Africa and is now a valued member of the IOC.

For me this experience was like touching history. Such a small man physically, with such an aura and a power!

This was one of the most inspiring moments of my life!

And London 2012 continues,  not only to increase my metabolism (I have lost a kilogram this week) it is feeding my soul!

Dawn Denton©



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