Olympics to Olympics

Some history related to the transport to and from Stratford for the Games.

The Legends of London

Mark Twain and the Prince of Wales attended the opening of the deep-level “tube” Central Line in London in 1900. It was the first Underground line to run without a ‘church interval’ on a Sunday.

On the opening, The Daily Mail reported:

“voracious curiosity, astonished satisfaction and solid merit.  If this kind of thing goes on London will come to be quite a nice place to travel in…the conductor was all a quiver of joy and pride. But there was no indecorous exhibition of emotion. Every man was solidly British”.

The Railway Times also reported that the opening of the line had a calming effect on London’s traffic and that there were less road accidents.

As the standard fare was two old pence (2d), this led the Press to call it the “Twopenny Tube”.Unusually the tracks leading to the platforms on the Central Line were laid on shallow ‘humps’ which…

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