My Favourites in the Olympic Village

The Olympic Village is sprinkled with colourful flags and signs, and some countries have made such a fantastic effort to make themselves stand out.

This, I am sure, gives the athletes pride and confidence.

The most obvious is Team Korea’s flag. It dominates the side of a whole building, and every athlete, official and guest in the Village will see it on their way to the main dining room as wellas when the athletes head to the transport up to catch their buses to the venues to train and compete.

Looking down on the Main Dining Hall with the Olympic Park in the background

I wonder if this is deliberate!

Then of course the Australian office….

It a big team of 410 athletes and 319 officials and a smooth running operation with a main reception area.

The Canadians….

…have a bit of a tourist attraction in the Village:

The Kiwis have ‘thread’ their fern through the windows…

…and the Dutch have made their balconies orange. (Has anyone ever suggested they change their flag to an orange one?)

Team GB has a large representation at their home Games, and William, Kate and Harry visited them this week.

They are located near the entrance to the Village…

Team GB in the block on the left, overlooking the Village Plaza

…again, so everyone coming and going gets to see them, and they have a superb view of the Stadium and the Olympic Park. Cleverly thought out and inspirational!

The Greeks have their accommodation in a building with etchings of Greek gods and legends. I am sure this too was deliberate.

This is the most multi-national place I am sure I will ever find myself, unless I ever get to a sitting in the General Assembly at the United Nations. But I am sure this is way more fun and thrilling, and of course the hugest of privileges.

Dawn Denton©


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