One Solitary Tear

You knew, Emperor of India, Shah-Jahan,

That life, youth, wealth, renown

Float away down the stream of time.

Your only dream

Was to preserve forever your heart’s pain.

The harsh thunder of imperial power

Would fade into sleep

Like a sunset’s crimson splendour,

But it was your hope

That at least a single, eternally-heaved sigh would stay

To grieve the sky.

Though emeralds, rubies, pearls are all

But as the glitter of a rainbow tricking out empty air

And must pass away,

Yet still one solitary tear

Would hang on the cheek of time

In the form

Of this white and gleaming Taj Mahal.

O human heart,

You have no time

To look back at anyone again,

No time.

You are driven by life’s quick spate

On and on from landing to landing…

Rabindranath Tagore

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