The Mini Stars

I was in awe! I had entered the Olympic Stadium and I could not stop smiling!

The noise, the atmosphere, the energy….the place was buzzing!

There were flags everywhere, but my eyes fell on the magnificent Olympic Flame…and I smiled some more….I could barely contrain myself!  I was in the Olympic Stadium!

But then, I was drawn to something zipping across the centre of the stadium…the cutest mini Minis in the world!  They had been assigned to one of the most important roles for the Olympic Field events – to shuttle the javelins, shot-puts, discuses and hammers from the field of play back to the athletes.

Only 39 inches long, and solid enough to carry the maximum weight of the field equipment, they also had a very cute little adapted sunroof. How much fun the volunteers must’ve had who were the remote controllers!

These little BMW designs are a ¼ the size of the real thing, and travelled about 6km per shift.

They must’ve been as pooped as I was at the end of my shift in the Olympic Village, although I did at one stage clock up to almost 20km per shift…

 ©Dawn Denton

Image Sources: , NBC &


4 Comments on “The Mini Stars”

  1. Sinora says:

    Boys from City of London were chosen to drive them. They were called Young GamesMakers.

  2. You have always been attracted to remote controll cars Dawn. One of these days I’ll get you one!!

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