First day of September and the weather gods have flicked a switch.  The crisp morning air is now officially autumnal – and it has happened suddenly.

Autumn has always been my favourite season – the leaves change to deep mature colours, the shrubs and trees start closing down for the winter months as the flowers and leaves start fading or shrivel back. There is a sense of calm after the buzz of summer and this special time is for thanksgiving – a time to thank Mother Nature for the gift of summer and now to prepare our bodies and souls for the winter months that lie ahead.

The pace of the universe has slowed – the birds are quieter as they start their preparation for their journeys southwards, and the last spurt of growth from the grass creates a carpet of luxury.

For millennia our all-knowing matriarchal planet has followed this pattern – she understands the season change well and she performs it with grace and empathy. As a parent, she knows this is what we need, even if we don’t – she has no need to explain – she knows what’s best for her little ones.

And because of autumn we know we are loved.

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