About Me

“As life takes me forward, I understand the value of experiences. What makes people who they are, what makes them do (or not do) things and what it is that moves them to respond to situations. The written word is a powerful tool in bringing life to people and exposing us all to the marvels of the world.

I respect language and love to “play” with the English word. Being able to write will put me on a road that I have never been down before. This excites me. Writing is a never-ending journey and I want to tackle this adventurous journey with energy.

There is an air of secrecy to writing. I can be who I want to be and I can create whatever I want to create. There are no boundaries. I can go anywhere and take anyone with me. When writing I allow others into my
world and choose how much I want them to know and understand about me.

I hope to unleash my creativity and stretch myself. Life is about learning, and I can never get enough knowledge to satisfy myself fully.

My ambitions are great, but having the dream keeps it alive. I want to make a difference and I want to inspire. I want to be someone who ignites passion and desire in others and creates understanding and love. If I can make just a small difference, somewhere, it will be enough.

I love the world and hope to move in the direction of diplomacy and leadership. My one great love is seeing the world. Through my many travel experiences I have exposed myself to thoughts, ideas and opinions which have played a part in making me a person of the world and a child of Africa.

The power of the written word has and always will change the world”

Dawn Denton ©

My bio:

I have vast experience in the tourism industry, having worked on cruise ships, managed a customer service centre, run tours as a travel director in the UK and on the Continent, briefly worked as a travel agent and I lead walking tours in the City of London. I have taught A-Level Travel and Tourism, Event Planning, Leisure Studies, World Development, History and Geography and trained and delivered In-House Welcome Host customer service training.

“It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” Nelson Mandela


7 Comments on “About Me”

  1. I have nominated you for the 7×7 Award – http://wp.me/p1lAxS-8l Keep blogging!

  2. Thank you for subscribing to my explorations of London with Bradshaw’s Hand Book. It is an amazing journey and I hope you will enjoy it too. Perhaps you could pass on the word? I am South African and even after many years I have never lost a thrill of excitement when I step out in London!

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