How to Start Using Amazon Kindle

Although millions have access to computers across the world, there is still a misconception that you need to have a Kindle to read an ebook.  This is not in fact the case.  It is easier to read an ebook than ever before as you can download books onto your computer, your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone and of course your Kindle.  The clever bit is that if you have more than one of these devices, they all synchronise with each other, so when you download a book while at your computer, you can read it later on your smartphone.  Brilliant, isn’t it?

So, let’s go through the process step by step.

Step One

Open your internet browser on your computer and go to:

Kindle for PC (

Kindle for PC (

Once you have that in place you should have an icon on your homescreen to take you to your Kindle programme.  Just test it, by clicking on it and playing around with it, but you don’t need to go there just yet.

Step Two

The next step is to get an Amazon account.  You will need to go to:  or (or whatever Amazon account is the default for your part of the world)
On this page you will see a sign in option.  It should be to the right of the search box at the top of the webpage.  Click on ‘sign in’.
If you have an account, log into your account here by putting in your email address and selecting ‘Yes, I have a password’ and pop the password into the box provided. The click on ‘Sign in using our secure server’.
If you don’t have an account, add in your email address and click on ‘No, I am a New Customer’.
Click on ‘Sign in using our secure server’.
Now follow all the steps, adding in your address, your credit card details, etc.  They must all be real details as they need to match up with your credit card or you will not be able to download free or paid books at any point.
Once your account is set up, you are ready to buy your first Kindle book!

Step Three

Now the fun begins and you can start shopping for Kindle books!

Go to your Amazon website ( or or any of the other default Amazon websites)

In the search box at the top of the screen, type in the title or author (or both) of the book  you would like to buy.  You can narrow your search by selecting ‘Kindle’ from the drop-down menu to the left of this search box, but this is not really necessary unless you want to do a general search and are maybe just browsing.

Once you have found the book you want, click on it so you get all the details of the book.

Here you can get the following details about the book:

– You can click on the book cover to see a few pages into the book to get a feel for it.

– You can click on the reviews left by other readers.

– The length of the book.

– Scroll down to see the book rank on Amazon at the bottom of the ‘Product details’ section.  This number changes by the hour depending on sales and reviews written  in the previous hour (that is why the writers are so eager for you to write a review once you have read a book). Please remember that if you have not bought anything on Amazon, and have just downloaded free books, you will not be able to write a review.  You can write a review on a free download, but you must have spent money on the Amazon site at some point.  Amazon rewards you for spending money by giving you the option to review.

Now you have decided you want the book.  Scroll to the  the top of the screen, and you will see a yellow button that says ‘Buy now with 1-click’. Below this you can click on ‘wish list’ and save it to buy another time.  You can also select a sample and this will send a part of the book to your Kindle account.  If you like it, you can then buy the whole book.

Click on ‘Buy with 1-click’.

If you are not logged into your Amazon account, you will be taken to the log in screen.  Now that you have an account, you can just add in your email address you used to sign up to Amazon, and your password and click on ‘Sign in using our secure server’.

If you have logged into your Amazon account on more than one device (your phone, computer or tablet), the download option will be presented for you to select where you would like to have this book delivered.  Select the option if you have been given it, and ‘Continue’.

This confirms the purchase and you will receive an email to say you have bought the book.

The next step is, now that you have bought the book, how to access it on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or Kindle.

Here you can also share your purchase on Facebook if you would like to show support for the writer, which I think is a lovely idea and will be very appreciated.

Stay tuned for Step Four