Twitter for Business

Ellie Sanderson

Ellie Sanderson

With seven National Awards for Excellence, Ellie Sanderson (of Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutique) is one of the most successful business women I know in the UK.  She uses Twitter so very effectively and gets so much of her business from this form of social media. She highly recommends Twitter to get your business and brand out there.

Here are Ellie’s top tips for using Twitter for Business:

  1. Use your company name as your Twitter handle.
  2. Set out a strategy on who you will follow and who you won’t follow i.e. only in the UK or relevant industries. Find these businesses or personalities on Twitter and follow them to start building your network.
  3. Find out what industry Twitter events there are online – for example Wednesdays 20:00 – 21:00 GMT is ‘recommend a wedding supplier’ – and get involved.
  4. Link all social media platforms to increase your Twitter activity.
  5. Very importantly – tweet news, tweet fun, tweet images, tweet others and engage socially.
  6. Remember to re-tweet (RT) those who are kind enough to re-tweet you.
  7. Tweet special offers and ask others to RT them to their followers too.
  8. Use Twitter like Sky News – don’t be afraid to say the same marketing message over and over by the hour as people drop in and out of Twitter all day.
  9. Mind your P’s and Q’s – whilst you can delete Tweets sent in error, they will always be on the Web.
  10. Enjoy it, but keep it contained. It is like office banter that you don’t have if you work alone, but it can take over.

You can follow Ellie Sanderson on Twitter and Facebook.