Zeus & the Bee

The bee, queen of the hive, flew from My Hymettus to the top of Mount Olympus with some of her freshest and tastiest honey from her combs, to present to Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus was so delighted with the gift that he offered to grant the bee any wish she desired. The bee thought for a while and her request was as follows: “I would like a sting so that I am able to kill a mortal who comes near my hive or near my honey.” Zeus was not happy with this request as he had a deep love for the human race, but he had promised the queen bee he would grant her a wish, so he responded to the request: “A sting you shall have, but know that when you sting a mortal, you shall lose your life from the loss if the sting.” The moral of the story: never ask for evil to befall your enemies – evil will rebound. And that is how the bee came to have only one sting.

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Fun Facts about Honey Bees

Honey Bees are amma-zing – they have five eyes and can carry half their weight in pollen.

In winter, you won’t see any Honey Bees around. That is not because they are hibernating, it is just that they slow down and spend their time huddled together to stay warm.

To make one jar of honey, Honey bees have to fly the distance of approximately twice around the planet.

O57IFCOLA6Honey Bees communicate using their bodies and they use a ‘dance’ to give directions to other Honey Bees to tell them where to find food.

Humans rely on plants to survive and more than a third of the food we eat is pollinated by insects and Honey Bees.

Honey is in actual fact nectar that bees have regurgitated and then dried out.

There are over 20,000 known bee species on earth and only a fraction of all the species are Honey Bees.